Ken has been involved with horses since childhood, one could say that he was born with horses in his blood. Ken came by the knowledge and passion of horses by the way of his maternal grandfather, Albert Huxley, who in worked on the 76 Cattle Ranch and Turkey Track Ranch. The knowledge and an eye for a great horse also came from his Dad John Schwartz . The ability to pick out a great horse proved itself when John purchased a TB mare for $15.00; then raced her on small town tracks and went undefeated. Her reputation soon preceded the mare and no one wanted to race against her. As one can quickly see Ken did indeed inherit these very valued traits in the horse industry. Ken horned his riding skills as he rode to school on horse back . At the age of 12 he started his first horse, from this point on he went on to gaming events including team and tie-down roping and he was and still is very accurate with a rope. Ken started his own herd of QH at the age of 18 and has never looked back from that time and has maintained his herd of well bred horses for over 45 years.   He polished his skills and became a very successful halter man, winning many a trophy and ribbon over the years.
In 1995 Ken and Caroline moved to Maidstone. Caroline is the "mother hen of the herd", giving them all the nursing and attention that they need whenever and wherever. Caroline is the one who has the gentle, sweet touch that is so often needed when dealing with the ones that need it. Caroline has an awesome eye for a well balanced mare and she realizes that "blessed are the broodmares". Caroline has come to realize that great broodmares are the bases of a great herd. So between the two of them they have build an incredible small band of broodmares with bloodlines so hard to find these days. Caroline has an eye for horses and Ken has the knowledge of  bloodlines. When it comes to bloodlines Ken can tell you what bloodlines has done what and who has done it. This combination of eye and knowledge of bloodlines and many many years of experience, are a terrific working combination which represent itself in the horses that are produced at KC QuarterHorses.   
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